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    Trebuchet was first released in December 2003. Since then, seven versions have been released:

    1.0 (November 2003)
    The first release was 0.6.2.

    1.1 (June 2004)
    Improvements included:

    The excursion counter and trebuchet configuration dialog were added, and the gui polish was improved.
    The wave splash tuneable properties now have string values.
    Wave splash speed was

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  3. If you own or operated a Mac computer in the past, you are probably quite familiar with OS X. Going beyond a traditional operating system, it’s open-source software whose so-called “macOS X Yosemite SDK” was published last year. The SDK is a bundle of documentation, tutorials and other digital resources designed to help programmers get the job done. Starting with the Scout version, the bundles continue to grow in size and usefulness.

    What is Scout?

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    The application allows you to calculate your “Performance Index (SPI)” and “Cumulative Performance Index (CPI)” for each semester of study based on the grades in all the subjects, which may be subjects you have already studied or subjects you wish to study.
    The application has two modes, “Automatic” and “Manual” mode.
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    Version 6.2.2: – Add new and improved PassHome feature, auto password retrieval from Jabber/MSN Messenger account – Other small bugfixes
    Media: English | PTX

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    MultiExportIterator and getListNames using weka-3.6.1

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