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  1. There are also the tools for generating skies, backgrounds and frames. You can download Photoshop effects for Windows 8 to improve the original photography on your computer in minutes. The Photo Effects are chosen to be compatible with the following graphic software: Windows 7, PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office. The photo effects are also available in.XML archive, which will allow you to quickly adjust multiple images at a time. In case you don’t want to apply the effects to all images at once, you can select

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  2. It can also be used to cross-learn between different languages, thanks to the ‘Word Translator’ that provides the conversion between languages. In addition to the above, MHX Alphabet Bingo features an ‘Ignorant Voices’ list, either displaying ‘Killer Tomatoes’ or ‘Siren Voices’, providing distraction.
    Key features:
    * Animated interface
    * Manually call out letters
    * Learn and play at the same time
    * Play music in background
    * Speak words

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  3. We made a huge mistake, whose impact will be felt for years. We did not win the election on the strength of our ideas, but by the resilience of our Union.
    Our performance in government, our foreign policy, the challenge of the refugee crisis, the rise in hate crimes, the impact of cyber-attacks, the Middle East peace process – these are things I was proud of as Chancellor and as Prime Minister.

    But our Union has been dealt a lasting defeat. We live

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  4. IP SLA Monitor puts the power in the hands of every network engineer on your team, and the interface is perfect for busy tech pros. The five-day free trial of SolarWinds IP SLA Monitor will give you all the tools you need to start monitoring Cisco routers and switches with IP SLA!

    IP SLA gives you remote visibility into your network and can even warn you if devices or areas of your network are incurring degraded performance. SolarWinds IP SLA Monitor

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  5. Why you should use it?The most obvious benefit of using CMD for Windows’ standard shell window is that it was designed specifically for it. So it uses the same keyboard and cursor movements as the Windows Explorer window, allowing you to use shortcuts easily.

    But it’s not just normal shortcuts, it’s also all the UNIX commands. Most of the standard shell commands are also available (no, you don’t need to install Cygwin for full shell access), but you

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  6. Plus, it has the “triple redundancy” feature that means that the search doesn’t stop when it fails to locate the specific string of text. Instead, it will return the list of locations that contain it and you will be able to replace the terms manually with what you originally sought after.
    From EPUB files to Adobe EPUB Files WriMo software is an application that is easy to use and supports all the current Adobe created file types. It supports PDF

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  7. What’s in a name? All the Name tags needed for your event

    No more troubles with mismatched, uninspiring and clumsy name tags for your event. Bring tension to an end and avoid all the hassles by organizing game events more efficiently with Event Name Tags.

    Go for sizes – different sizes, different designs

    Wake up in the morning to a world of creative treasure. Forget about mismatching tags – unlike conventional name tags, Event Name Tags

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  8. Features
    GSport supports several hardware configurations (Jisxing Chipset) and OS Versions (Commodore Amiga)
    GSport supports Basic interpreter, Textmode, Graphics, Full Screen, DIP Flip, Additional menus
    Support for the 40/60/70 color palette
    GSport also has complete support for the APPro CSM and passwords

    In addition to the core emulator software, the GSPort package contains several utilities for the tasks involved in building

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    When you order EMS SQL Management Studio for Oracle, you can be totally assured of downloading the latest version, as well as a 30-days free trial version. To help you follow the detailed installation process, the creator makes available numerous video tutorials. Furthermore, concerning the technical support, this tool can appeal to three different expert specialists. Based on personal and company preferences, the tool also boasts a fully-equipped online service portal, that serves to respond to

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  10. This is a set of procedures written in Perl, which can be found at

    Financed by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 267047.


    Department of Physics, University of Antwerp, Groenenborgerlaan 171, 2020 Antwerpen – Belgium,

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  11. The MP3 Downloader is a powerful application that enables you to convert a large number of audio formats to MP3 or MP4.
    It’s particularly useful for users whose computer does not have an internal storage space worth mentioning. But, maybe the most convenient feature of this software is that it can be used as an audio converter.
    To get to its settings, you need to right-click the icon and choose Options. A window will pop-up containing the software’s options. Additionally

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  12. This makes it a valuable tool for beginners.
    This tool is not perfect, as it doesn’t offer an extensive library of software tools for audio creators to use. Still, Maxx is a reliable and efficient solution that will satisfy the majority of audio master’s needs.
    File Name: Maxx Audio Editing Tool
    Size: 5.93 MB

    AAC Lossy Codecs+Surround 5.0.15
    AAC Lossy Codecs+Surround 5 is composed of

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  13. April 21, 2018

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Eliza a Wonderful app
    I downloaded and installed this app. I changed the parameters a little bit. I was surprised by the changes. Awesome app. I use it to rename music files. This is by far the best app for this task. Thank you!!!
    April 21, 2018

    Rated 3 out of 5 by kpilka first impression…disappointing
    very easy to use…start with the

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  14. HanExoft Lotto Number Selector is a free program that can be downloaded absolutely free of charge.

    LiVe – Academy Software

    Issue Release: April 27, 2011

    Language: English

    File Size: 0.9 MB

    License: Free for home, 3-6 users

    HW Version:

    The LiVe – Academy Software is a powerful, user-friendly and advanced software to develop an innovative educational tool for schools. It is an easy

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  15. Amazingly, it is free to download and try, with no registration or hidden fee required to keep you using it.

    Record any PC screen
    Any PC Screen IP Cam Recorder is the best webcam screen recorder software. You can view and record web cam screen with high video quality when streaming video and audio on the web or through software like Skype, Google Video Chat, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, and MSN. Any PC Screen IP Cam Recorder is also the best IP camera screen recorder

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  16. Allan “anthus” Jones is a freelance writer and editor who likes to tinker with the World of MMA via nothing less than an all-body workout, well, you know, two arms and two legs included!
    You can find his work on here | Twitter | Email

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  17. Customer Reviews

    As a user of numerous demo tools, I found their demo engine so easy to use, it is the only solid solution out there. It is even able to do demos for open source software.

    Hide Full Description

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  18. Quicktime Pro 6.0.5
    Quicktime Pro 6.0.5 is a Windows XP program to develop and distribute digital media. This software helps in converting animated GIFs to MPEG, and adds transition effects like fade, dissolve and plain backgrounds. It can also process JPEGs and MPEG, allowing users to encode and encode files. With this software, users can convert.wmv to.mpg, copy a video file or convert all types of files from DVD to an
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  19. What’s amazing with this application is that you can use it with different browsers and mobile devices, without fear of losing YouTube video formats or reducing video quality. You can rest assured that your content will remain the same the whole day regardless if you stopped using the computer and mobile device and returned hours later or if you are troubleshooting a stubborn problem.

    When it comes to sharing media, nothing says it like Facebook. When it comes to sharing videos, of course, Facebook is still THE social
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  20. Whether you are just looking for a way to show your love to others, a screensaver, or an animated wallpaper, Sweethearts 3D Screensaver can do the job and make you feel like a winner, to have a good girlfriend.
    What’s new
    Please feel free to let us know what you think of this update from the following version’s Changelog:
    •Fixed the Unity Launcher folder from becoming corrupted when deleting it. Now you must remove it manually.
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  21. is a great platform for Crypto-traders. It has come a long way since launch, having now grown to over 200,000 users. The ICO platform offers its users the facility to spot new ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and determine the best route to invest in these new ICOs. also offers a unique, automatic crypto trading feature which allows you to automatically monitor 9 different cryptocurrencies, and based on 5 of these cryptocurrencies, purchase
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  22. 1. Field of the Invention
    The present invention pertains to a hand-operated power driven apparatus for the cleaning of a roller type writing instrument.
    2. Statement of the Prior Art
    It is common practice for certain office personnel to use a rubber pad or similar wiping member to clean a roller type writing instrument such as a ball point pen, a fountain pen or a felt-tip marker. In removing the writing or ink from such writing instruments, it is considered preferable to remove the ink only to such an extent that the writing instrument may be used again without causing redeposition of the previously removed ink or writing upon the writing
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  23. By using the program there is no need to export to Excel when conducting a search.
    If you would like to get in touch with some file and STD codes, use the provided form to find the right them by using customizable drop down lists. Other features include:

    The integrated CSV-export feature allows you to cleanly save your STD, vehicle, and ISD codes to separate text files. This enables you to save the data in a format that can be easily used with a spreadsheet application
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  24. It’s worth pointing out that the program offers plenty of options which enable you to organize various aspects in an efficient manner.
    Regardless of whether you are a desktop or portable user, the application offers you the option of using a calendar, quick notes, contact manager, contact search, tasks organizer, a universal reminder, and plenty of common functions, such as reporting and exporting options.
    Portable EfficientPIM is offered as a portable version, and the portable file size is rated at
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  25. A transcode workbench, for instance, comes as part of the default toolbox, and allows users to convert and crop a video file, as well as encode, optimize, and later even export the resolution to help it fit into a different format. A neat addition, also, are easy-to-use media processors, allowing users to apply effects or adjust audio levels. Apart from that, the application allows users to take screenshots, as well as watermark content.
    The application also
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  26. This plugin is not only useful to seasoned bloggers but to business owners who are serious about their blogs and comments.

    I will quickly highlight some of the features that it has and how they are really useful.

    1. Monitors and notifies you of your comments, views, visitors and most importantly other activities on your blog.
    2. The ability to view the number of views of your comments, and maybe subscribe to your favorite comments.
    3. When a comment is highlighted,
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  27. Want to manage email right on your Android device? sendmail is a useful application that was previously available as a Windows PC app. You can now take a look at this app. It has a very simple design, but comes with many features.
    To start with, you can create as many email accounts as you need. Each account can be named as you see fit.
    With 3 accounts, you can easily control and access your email from anywhere without a particular device. If you switch
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  28. A golden bullet which consisted of one bullet dead ahead (the lead) and a dozen of bullets strewn across the ground (shot in flight). As this motion reached a peak the bullets entangled and bound together in a carbon rainbow, ripping through the metal and splitting into a thousand droplets.
    The droplets dove into the wind and spiraled toward the Earth where they reached, tagging along the ground as flames. The flame-shoot, now an entangled motion, engulfed the cockpit causing the
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  29. The files you can access are stored under C:\Text.
    Use the instructions below to use the PApplet Command panel.

    Enter the standard PApplet directory (C:ProgramFilesPApplet). Double click the PApplet.exe file.
    Click Run. The PApplet dialog box appears.
    Click the Add button and browse to the folder where PApplet.ini is. Click Open.
    Click Start.

    Add your own commands or load
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  30. Download this app today.

    HD File Analyzer is powerful filesystem tool that can quickly analyze and troubleshoot many different problems, including virus infections, corrupted files and filenames, improper permissions, incorrect file timestamps, bad sectors, etc.

    HD File Analyzer can automatically detect missing or damaged files, fix file timestamps, file permissions, and many other problems. The program can also repair the synchronization status of network file servers.

    It is
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  31. Making big changes in Blogger might seem difficult to you and you will need to find out how to do that step by step. I have tried to address all those queries and answers for you when you want to change theme on Blogger. Change theme is an ultimate task on a blog.

    Change theme:-
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  32. The TeamViewer Group, for example, is another great option for those in need of a more business oriented solution. With it, users can host and participate in remote HD conferences, webinars, and more. It is a licensed platform that can benefit from a personal logon.
    TeamViewer Licensing | Copyright | Privacy Policy | Microsoft Teamviewer legal information
    TeamViewer | Tech Support | Remote Support | Contact Us
    TeamViewer works is many platforms, including
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  33. It is a handy, undemanding tool for removing data from your clipboard and into the project.
    Furthermore, you can remove multiple entries at once and can keep track of the history of operations. It is one-of-a-kind and offers the features you could not find in any other tool.
    .zip file
    The software is available for download for free. The zip file contains the downloaded files as well as the installation instructions.
    While you can remove copied content from your clipboard
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  34. The software offers two different layout options: actual mode and preview mode. In the actual mode the application displays the text that is required to be displayed in the new target file, and allows you to manually place these texts in the cells of the target file. The preview mode displays the output in a manner that’s as easy to understand as possible and helps you test the translation prior to publication on the target Windows machine.
    Even though Convert XLS Files From English To Polish and Polish To English
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  35. If you have an old and obsolete floppy disk collection at home, then the tool might come in handy to view files and possibly copy and paste data from one disk to the other.



    RIDE or Real and Imaginary Disk Editor is a tool that enables you to manage floppy as well as image files of various retro platforms. In other words, the tool is for anyone who wants to learn or browse through obscure or obsolete platforms, such as MS-DOS for
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  36. Webcam streams are extremely easy to build and WebVideoStreamer does a great job at that aspect, streaming anyone’s webcam is easy when using the application, but it does have some limitations.We all are fibsters – I can heartily assure you

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    I thought I would make a little video to show you just what kind of
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    UniqueWall – image uploader for 2
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