1. A feature that you can use to apply audio transformations that you can stick to an object is the assign shortcut, which will allow to load a preset that will be applied to the selected object.
    The Filte Crunch VST plugin is a simple toolkit that has the ability to apply a certain sonority to your music, to change the sound of your instrument. We also have a present: Filta Crunch!!!


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  2. And, not only that, but we don’t recommend you do that since you’ll need to be connected to the Internet, hence leaving yourself open to potential malicious activities.

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  3. -clip: non-zero integer: the index of the input frame.
    -mask: non-zero integer: the index of the input frame.
    -color: non-zero integer: change color of inpainted image.
    -xsize: non-zero integer: increase inpainted area width.
    -ysize: non-zero integer: increase inpainted area height.
    -radius: positive integer: threshold the width and height of search texture.
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  4. on any platform.
    ■ A Pentium-class machine with 32MB of RAM is recommended.
    ■ This application runs in Windows 98 and above.
    ■ Asaph can be run stand-alone, as a Windows server application, as a web application or in any combination of the three.
    ■ You will need the Asaph software and Java 1.4 runtime to install the application.

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  5. Web Archives for Firefox is a free, open source browser extension for Firefox that adds a handy feature that is not included in other browsers’ XPI files.
    Web Archives for Firefox is a feature addition to Firefox that makes it possible to easily search for older and archived versions of a specific web page.
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  6. To activate them just click the setting button beside each template. A red frame appears around the parts of the selected page that should display a tooltip.
    It’s easier to edit the content of the frame than the whole page that could sometimes be hidden under the frame.

    In the demo page of this post the page’s area that should show a tooltip is selected.

    Only the selected text and the current cursor position are displayed in the selected part.

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  7. Capturing the first parameter of any oscillator (in the LFO), TubeOhm ANTI TRANSPIRANT can be used as an envelope follower.
    Envelopes shape change depending on the notes played.
    The sound generated by TubeOhm ANTI TRANSPIRANT can be fully controlled through the CV controls and the touch of the screen.

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  8. Tweet This

    California-based developers are behind TwitClicker which is a collaborative social app that offers a platform for friends to chat and post quotes at the same time. Today we received a tip that the new Version 0.1 has been made available as a free download which you can get it here.
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    The program also calculates and organizes your table so it does not get in the way.

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  11. Offers a desktop reader application for automatic backup and archiving of any media type.

    QuickTime Player

    Offers a desktop reader application for automatic backup and archiving of any media type.

    Image viewer for JPEG and other still image formats.

    Microsoft Image Viewer

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    Fuji Viewer

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    A skin for the Windows PC-based instant messaging client Tox that offers a dark atmosphere. The application comes with a free 30-day trial version.

    This skin for Trillian allows for a dark and dark moods on the main window and the folders. The skin for the instant messaging app supports for firefox extensions.

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  13. This App does not contains the team roster, statistics or the current league table.
    This App is only limited in credits.
    To top it all off we are not affiliated with the UEFA or Austrian/Swiss Football Federation and we don t claim that it helps in any way to join FIFA or succeed in it.
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  14. What’s new in this version:
    —- Add support for Mac OS X Lion.
    —- Add support for the High DPI settings.
    —- Add support for Evernote 7.9. We thank @Michael Scott for the bug report.
    Price: $29.99,
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  15. However, unlike other attempts in the conventional framework, monika depends on a web server already existing and running on the machine on which the app has been installed.
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  17. With minimal to just a few clicks, and an easy to follow user-friendly interface, you can create complex videos and grab single captures in a flash.
    XSnap reviewed by David Blubaugh, last updated on September 13th, 2018Q:

    How to call javascript function from buttonclick in selenium driver

    I want to call javascript function from buttonclick I did like this :
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    These results can be saved into a new preset, and this is exactly what most of the automation tasks are focused on.
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    How to load a.W3C SVG file in a HTML page?

    I am currently using Xamarin and i am exporting an Android WebView based app.
    I have a.SVG file that i would like to load in my webview.
    Is this actually possible?
    How would i do this if so?
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    Sublime Text 3 Build System (Themes and Packages)

    How do I define the color settings of the above image so that I only see it when an R package is open? I can do this easily when using a package (like the R package R Programming Online) by changing the theme to the R package theme. I can’t figure out how to achieve the same functionality with packages or themes installed through the Package Control plugin.

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  33. Opening Settings

    TpX gives you the possibility to customise your preferences. Navigate to TpX:/// preferences to change multiple settings at the same time.

    Launcher and Settings Views

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    * This application is now compatible for mobile devices only with Android 4.0 and higher. Please rename app icon to SURF_CANISTER_CI
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    Chrome Compatibility

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